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The 21st edition of the biggest metal fest in Central-Eastern Europe - will take place on *24th March 2007 in Spodek Hall in Katowice, Poland*. As announced before Benediction will headline the smaller stage of the Festival. They will be preceded by Anata, Forever Will Burn, Root and TYR. Poland will be represented by Wu-Hae, Horrorscope, Deivos, Ciryam, Carna, Sphere and Witchking.
This Swedish band was formed in Varberg in 1993. Their early music can best be described as a blend of different metal styles - incorporating mainly thrash, doom and death metal. The band proved to be an intense live outfit, performing with local talents but also with bands such as Dissection, Lake Of Tears and Beseech. Today Anata sounds more like Meshuggah, Gojira or Opeth and their latest album "The Conductor's Departure" released in mid 2006 was described as a "breathlessly technical material that morphs from mental riff contortion to inverse melodic deviance in the blink of an eye ".
When the band first came into being things were a little different to what they are at present. The band was started and conceived to be in the "metal" genre of music but no one would ever dream that things would shift in the direction that they have. 2006 is the year that the band really came into their own. Bands that Forever Will Burn has toured with include but are not limited to Sepultura, Entombed, Soulfly, Konkhra, Most Precious Blood. After touring their home country and playing many of the biggest festivals they have built up a solid fan base around the whole of the country. They have set their sights to go as far as they could possibly go and will not let anything hold them back. Forever Will Burn will be touring Europe this March 2007 with Sepultura. This is the first time a South African band has received this honor and we look forward to showing Europe what Africa has to Offer.
One of the best black metal band from Czech Republic. Root was founded by Big Boss (voc.) and Blackie (guitar) at the end of 1987. They've played out during its existence more than 900 gigs with bands like My Dying Bride, Anathema, Krabathor, Master's Hammer just to name a few. Their newest offering, 8th studio album entitled "Daemon Viam Invenient, is set for release in Spring 2007. Root is also Fernando Ribeiro's favourite band - he even made a guest appearance on their "Black Seal" album!
Viking Metal from the Faroe Islands! In 2006, TYR once again entered the Studio to record their new album. "Ragnarok" was produced by TYR, mixed by Lehnert Kjeldsen at Mastertouch in Copenhagen, and features the band stronger than ever before. Hymns of Nordic Folk and pounding Metal summon the ghosts of TYR's ancestors. Scandinavian mythology, Viking warriors, and heroic battles become the lyrical backdrop that accompany powerful Viking choruses, traditional melodies, and timeless Heavy Metal. TYR have refined their trademark sound in their latest work "Ragnarok". Technically brilliant and 100 percent authentic, "Ragnarok" emerges as a masterpiece within the true Viking Metal genre!

Polish cross-over band created in 1999. They blend together such distant music styles like hardcore, jazz, hip-hop. Their newest offering - "Zycie na raty" - was named as the most intrigue album of 2006! Current line up consist from 8 persons including 2 vocalists! Expect a great show!
Polish band Horrorscope released their latest album - "Evoking Demons" in November 2006. The successor of "The Crushing Design" pushes the emphasis of the band's music towards the elements that have insofar been exclusively reserved for the Bay Area elite. The album is saturated with extreme energy, both instrumentally and semantically. This sharp poisonous release should satisfy even the most discriminating lovers of metal havoc. The sensational studio production - which does not lose its distinctive spirit - together with the multiplicity and diversity of motifs used in particular arrangements will not let you get bored.
First Deivos' album was acclaimed as one of the best death metal debut of 2006. That is what we call a good starting point for a band! "Emanation From Below" presents multidimensional death metal attack, full of ideas, very brutal and breath-taking in it's technical perfection.
*CARNAL* The idea of forming Carnal was born in 1999. Ex-members of local rock-metal bands Mortuum, A Dying Wish, Cohon Griss i Tears of Sorrow decided to create a new, totally different project. Doom-death-metal is a tag that suits best to what they are recording these days...
*CIRYAM* Polish band Ciryam represents an unique blend of progressive rock and gothic metal. Their latest album "W sercu kamienia" was released in 2006. Changes of tempo, powerful keyboard parts, beautiful melodies and charismatic female voice is what makes Ciryam a very special band.
*SPHERE* Sphere - death metal band formed by ex-members of Hate and Pyorrhoea. Their debut album "Damned Souls Rituals" presents 12 tracks kept in a convention of brutal technical death metal.
*WITCHKING* Witchking is a perfect proposal for all classic metal lovers. They started to play together in 2002 in Krakow. Appearances alongside bands like Turbo or Chainsaw proved that Witchking is a fantastic life outfit.

*Spodek Hall, Katowice, Poland
2 stages - over 20 bands
*Main stage:
*Small stage:*
TYR (Faroe Islands)
DOORS OPEN: 9 a.m.
SMALL STAGE: 9.30 a.m.
MAIN STAGE: 10.30 a.m.

*Official websites:* www.metalmind.com.pl/metalmania & www.myspace.com/metalmaniafestival

*Ticket prices:*
floor and red sections: 35 / 38 EUR (on the day of the show)
sections H and J 45 / 48 EUR (on the day of the show)
VIP section 58 / 60 EUR (on the day of the show)

For more info about tickets please call: +48 32 205 25 00 (ext. 101), e-mail: koncerty@metalmind.com.pl or visit: www.metalopolis.pl
To buy tickets please call +48 32 205 25 00 (ext. 187), + 48 32 253 77 60, e-mail: shop@metalopolis.com.pl or visit: www.metalopolis.pl

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