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LABEL: Massacre Records
RUNNING TIME: 43:12 minutes
MUSIC STYLE: Heavy Metal
RELEASE DATE: 23.06.2006

Tony Johannssen - Vocals and Keyboards
Cato Syversrud - Lead Guitars
Frank Johannssen - Rhythm Guitars
Morten Eriksen - Bass
Vegard Waske - Drums

2003 Demons and Diamonds
2006 Love & Destruction

- The new and 2nd album by the best Norwegian true heavy metal band
- Supporting KING DIAMOND on his European tour in April/May/June 2006
- Excellent reputation in the true metal scene due to debut album Demons and Diamonds"
- European tours following debut with a.o. Skew Siskin (Germany-Tour), Paul Dianno and Tony Martin!
- Track-Placement on several European magazines samplers
- Full European promotion and marketing

Some bands would not have dared to start recording new material after such massive acclaim the debut album from Thunderbolt got back in 2002. "Demons & Diamonds" received fantastic reviews from all over the world. Even one of the largest Norwegian major news papers said "there is not a better heavy metal companion than Thunderbolt".
To top this Thunderbolt wrote 9 new metallic anthems and toured and rehearsed to become the even better band they wanted to be. Finally, now they are back with the recording that will become the heavy metal monster record of 2006. "Love & Destruction" is ready for you, are you ready for some Love and Destruction?
Since last time around Thunderbolt has toured a lot together with big acts and artists like King Diamond (5 week European tour), Skew Siskin, Paul Dianno and Tony Martin, making good friends all over Europe.
Their fast growing dedicated fan base has been urging for some new tunes for a long time now. Well here it is. All from the already classic live anthem "We will survive" to epic "Bad Boys" and sexy "Sin, Sex and Spandex" this record is filled with joy, classic riffs, pounding rhythms, and of course Tony Thunder's god given voice. So what can you expect putting "Love & Destruction" on your sound device? Imagine a blend including Kiss, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, hardcore-legends Integrity and glam rockers Cinderella, got it? Well, you're not even close, but getting there.
Rarely do Heavy Metal bands write as honest and down to earth lyrics as Thunderbolt presents here. They address personal issues like death and love, and they reach out to the lost and forgotten souls of today's society. They address the juvenile bad boys, reach out to the lonely, sad and ill fated people of today. Trying to help in the way they know best, writing and performing good heavy metal.
The lucky listener of "Love & Destruction" will find tasteful, rough and honest heavy metal on the disc. Thunderbolt reaches out to its audience through the loudspeakers as well as live on stage.
Thunderbolt says it best themselves from the opening song on "Love & Destruction", Heavy Metal Thunder:
"Don't you try to stop me now cause I'll be marching on - on and on!
If Death dares to face me I'll be marching on - on and on!"

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