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PRIMAL FEAR finished the basic parts of the recording of the highly anticipated new studio album at the House Of Music studio with engineer Charlie Bauerfeind 2 weeks ago. Since then, the band has been recording lead guitars, some more vocal parts and the orchestra & keyboard stuff. Last section was handled by orchestra maestro Matthias Ulmer, who is one of the best guys for this job in Germany. He worked with PF on the "Seven Seals" sessions too.

Stefan Leibing played already some lead guitars. The band's friend Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Allen / Lande) has already delivered two outstanding solos on the album. Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray and Henny Wolter (former Primal Fear guitarist b/w Thunderhead) are already working on one more spot.

Singer Ralf Scheepers has to sing two more songs during the next 2 weeks and then the band is moving to Belgium, to mix the album with Ronald Prent (Scorpions, Magnum, Def Leppard), starting on April 14th - everything looks fine and in control!

Simone Simons of Epica joined Primal Fear for some sensational vocal work and for the first time in Primal Fear's career a vocal duet with a female singer on the song "Everytime It Rains".

Songtitles set to appear on the follow-up to 2005's "Seven Seals" include "Save Me", "Fighting The Darkness", "The Curse Of Sharon", "Psycho", "The Final Word", "Every Time It Rains" and more. The music will follow the path of "Seven Seals" with orchestral arrangements, but will include some real shredding heavy metal tunes! Stay tuned for more updates !

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