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GOTTHARD, Mousse T. and the Swiss National Soccer Team are showing team spirit + Single online!

Audience and jury have decided: GOTTHARD ´s song "Lift U Up" - which is about motivating each other in a team and reaching aims togehter - is the official song of Switzerland ´s National Soccer Team for the upcoming European Championship. In a survey, run by Switzerland ´s biggest newspaper "Blick", readers and national team chose the song as the winning title.

Next to that, no other than German star producer Mousse T. has been responsible for the remix. In 1998, Mousse T. could celebrate a big success with the hit single "Horny", followed by numerous other hits Mousse T. has done the remixes for, such as "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones, "Let ´s Go To Bed" by No Angels or "Is It Cos´ I `m Cool" by Emma Lanford. Concerning Mousse T. ´s latest remix for "Lift U Up", the players of the Swiss National Soccer Team prove that they are not only self-confident when it comes to kicking, but also when it comes to singing: the guys have personally sang the chorus of the track!

Surely quite an unusual job for David Degen from FC Basel, Hakan Yakin and Marco Streller, who have both already played for VfB Stuttgart, Benjamin Huggel (formerly: Eintracht Frankfurt!), the keeper and audience ´s star Pascal Zuberbühler (formerly: Bayer Leverkusen) and all the other national players.

The recordings with band and national team took place in the famous Powerplay Studios in Zurich, Switzerland. EUROPE have recorded their world hit "The Final Countdown" there already.

The joint-venture surely is an honour for both sides: the internationally successful group GOTTHARD is proud to support their national team for the European Championship with a song and most of the players of the national team have been huge GOTTHARD fans for many years. So one thing is sure already: if the Swiss kickers can act as convincing as in the studio during the next couple of weeks, than the championship will be a great one for them!

The official "Lift U Up" maxi-cd will be released as a bonus of a "Reloaded"-release of GOTTHARD ´s album "Lipservice" on June, 20th. As a download single, the songs will be released on June 6th already.

Also, GOTTHARD will play a couple of shows in the near future.

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