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New to Napalm Records

The Russian band ARKONA has joined the Napalm Records' ranks. The band's leader is the charismatic frontlady Masha Scream, who also writes all the music and lyrics, as well as delivering her fierce vocals. The band plays Slavic Pagan Metal and embellishes their versatile compositions with the use of folk instrumentation. The cover artwork was delivered by the legendary Kris Verwimp (Thyrfing, Manegarm,.) and the album itself, "Ot Serdca K Nebu" ("From the Heart to the Sky"), will be released on 4 July to most certainly take the hearts of Pagan Metal fans everywhere by storm.

SCHELMISH: The gleemen are on the loose!

A new addition to Napalm Records' roster is Schelmish. The German Band will put a different spin on the static Middle-ages Rock genre. Schelmish skilfully blends rock sounds and medieval instruments. Fans of IN EXTREMO and SALTATIO MORTIS should make sure to check out the forthcoming release of the German gleemen. A release is tentatively scheduled for autumn/winter 2008.
http://www.schelmish.de/ | http://www.myspace.com/schelmishband

CRIMFALL: The Finns ante portas!

Epic Folk Metal is what CRIMFALL is all about. Although the debut album will not be released until fall/winter 2008, Pagan and Folk Metal fans are advised to note this band's name. Trollhorn (FINNTROLL) supported the band on their demo recordings and his influence will surely be evident on the forthcoming album. Building bridges between the styles of TURISAS and FINNTROLL, CRIMFALL skilfully blends the best of these two bands to create something completely new.
http://www.crimfall.com/ | http://www.myspace.com/crimfallband

ARTAS: New to Napalm Records

A gathering darkness lurks in the Austrian music scene. ARTAS is ready to leave the shadows, step into the light, and conquer the world with their uncompromising brand of Modern Metal. Napalm Records is proud to support the band on their way to the top. Jacob Hansen (Heaven Shall Burn) is responsible for the mix and will deliver a massive wall of sound for "The Healing". The album will be released in October and will be embellished by artist Dennis Sibeijin (Job for a Cowboy, Chimaira).

ALESTORM & DRACONIAN: Exclusive Download Singles

ALESTORM and DRACONIAN break new ground and offer their fans exclusive download singles. Both tracks, ALESTORM's "Heavy Metal Pirates" and DRACONIAN's "No Greater Sorrow" are download-exclusives and WILL NOT be released on the bands' upcoming albums. Those who would like to check out these tracks should visit iTunes, eMusic, etc.


The new album by the Gothic rockers will be released on 27 June 2008. To ease the anticipatory wait, fans may check out the newly released video to "A Pearl" on YouTube.

http://www.lacrimas.com/ | http://www.myspace.com/lacrimasprofundere


HOLLENTHON: New Video & Album

The Austrian legendary band Hollenthon has also shot a video to promote their latest recording. "Son of Perdition" presents the viewer with an ominous atmosphere and hypnotic images. Fans looking for something new and innovative should make sure to check out the video on YouTube.

http://www.hollenthon.com/ | http://www.myspace.com/hollenthonofficial


HOLLENTHON & TYR: Pre-listening Links

HOLLENTHON - Opus Magnum
On the Wings of a Dove
To Fabled Lands
Son Of Perdition
Ars Moriendi
Once We Were Kings
Of Splendid Worlds
Dying Embers
Misterium Babel

TYR - Land
Sinklars Vísa
Gátu Ríma
Fípan Fagra
Lokka Táttur
Hail To The Hammer


The wait is finally over! Fans of the Austrian Symphonic Melodic Metal band can take a deep breath. SERENITY has finished recording their new album! "Fallen Sanctuary" will hit the streets in August 2008. The recording was mixed by Jacob Hansen, who has provided a state-of-the-art sound for SERENITYs brilliant new offerings.

http://www.serenity-band.com/ | http://www.myspace.com/serenitybandtyrol

BATTLELORE: News from Finland

After a long spell of silence, new songs and melodies are finding their way out of the realms of Isengard, Fangorn, and Mordor. However, the fellowship has not yet reached the end of their journey and friends of BATTLELORE will have to be patient a little bit longer. The wait will finally be over in October 2008, when the new Epic Fantasy Metal masterpiece is scheduled for release.

http://www.battlelore.net/ | http://www.myspace.com/battleloremusic

ASMEGIN: News from Norway

ASMEGIN is still busy in the studio, recording new material. "Tusind tabte Sjales Kakofoni" (Cacophony of a Thousand Lost Souls) will be released with a little delay in November 2008. While the likeable folk elements will be kept coming strong, the new album will also present a darker atmosphere, a slight progressive touch, and will most definitely be worth the wait!


Vissza - Înapoi

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