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Cemetery of Scream

One of the most intriguing bands on Polish atmospheric dark metal scene returns with a new, disturbing album.... Cemetery of Scream's newest offering entitled "Frozen Images" constitutes a unique and innovative work, on which the new vocalist, Olaf Różański, leaves his ice-cold fingerprints. The album has a very different character than the band's previous releases while still maintaining the ethereal style of their music, which fluently shifts between the worlds of reality and fiction. The lyrics, mysterious and symbolic, ranging from the themes of vampires and ancient rituals to Lewis Carroll-style conundrums, for once more confirm that this band is really not afraid to look into the darkest nooks and crannies of the human soul. The music on this album is wild, fast, and majestic, yet some melodious and chart-topping tracks can also be heard on it. On the technical side, the production utilizes modern sound and recording technologies in a perfectly balanced fashion. It is a gem of petrifying visions evoked at the witching hour. "Frozen Images" will appeal to all who love the moods known from Katatonia's or Paradise Lost's albums.

You can hear a preview track - "In Your Blood" - on the official MMP's sites: www.metalmind.com.pl and on Myspace: www.myspace.com/metalmindproductions.

Metal Mind Productions set the release day for 2nd February 2009 in Europe and 10th March 2009 in USA (via MVD).

Cemetery Of Scream
"Frozen Images"

Genre: atmospheric dark metal
Release date: 02.02.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA

Tracklist: 1. The Ashes Bridge, 2. Bluebird, 3. Prince Of The City's Lights, 4. Geisha Out Of Dreams, 5. Million As One, 6. In Your Blood, 7. Sapphire Sun, 8. Golden Lullaby, 9. Cat's Grin, 10. Black Flowers, 11. Ritual Fire Dance, 12. Night In White Satin

The beginnings of Cemetery of Scream reach back to 1992, after a few local bands broke up and Marcin Piwowarczyk (guitars) together with Grzegorz Ksiazek (drums) started to work on a new stuff- totally different from trash-death metal they used to play with their former groups. In April 1993 they recorded their first demo tape called "Sameone". During the session they were backed up by Jacek Królik (bass) and Marcin Kotas (vocals), who eventually became members of the band. "Sameone" contained 32 minutes of nostalgic music labeled as mystical symphonic doom death, with vast keyboard parts. It was very well received by the Polish underground press and fans. In autumn 1993 two new members joined Cemetery of Scream - Artur Oleszkiewicz (guitar) and Kasia Rachwalik (keyboards). By the end of July 1994 the band entered Gamma Studio to register the music for their debut LP "Melancholy". Album's poetry tells about sadness, happiness, beauty, fear and pain - it is like a voyage into the depths of human feelings. Together with the music and layout they make one unite whole. On its account the band already got a video-clip shot for the track called "Anxiety" which was released on the compilation video-movie from Nuclear Blast Records, entitled "Beauty in Darkness". Cemetery Of Scream was included in this movie among acts such as Lacrimosa, Tiamat, Love Like Blood or Therion. At the same time the piece called "Melancholy" was promoted on the compilation album by the Nuclear Blast, entitled "Souncheck - Series vol.5". Cemetery of Scream has also the pleasure and privilege to be given fine reviews both in Poland and abroad. "Melancholy" was acclaimed the record of the month by Aardschok magazine in Holland, and it took the best score in the German issue of Metal Hammer. At the time the guitarist Artur Oleszkiewicz was soon replaced by Paweł Goralczyk - the man responsible for powerful activities of one of the most impressive bands on the Polish trash-metal scene - Hellias. So, the band lost nothing of its freshness and power which was absolute confirmed by the reviews in metal and rock magazines. As a preview of the 2001 album "Prelude to a Sentimental Journey" the band recorded mini album called "Fin de Siecle". The mood of this EP is inspired by the latest events on the political scene of the present day were where the crises of the century s and are overcome by wars - the wars being financed by the two empires (the war in former Yugoslavia, and many other conflicts all over the world). The return to decadence seems to be the only protest to this. In November 2004 the band played at Dark Stars Festival Tour 2004. After the tour they started to work on their new album, whose final concept crystallized after the change of the vocalist. The album "The Event Horizon" was released by Metal Mind Productions in July 2006. New dimension of dark metal, new voice and the band's new face: the darkness remained, but the music is more melodic now. And now Cemetery Of Scream returns with brand new release entitled "Frozen Images".

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