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Rules of the international contest

I. Preliminary rules

1. The organizer of the contest is an Artistic Activity Center "Firlej", placed in Wrocław, 56 Grabiszyńska street
2.The contest is for heavy sounds' performers,whose compositions cross the style limits, develop its own artistic identity, drawing inspiration from the avant-garde metal, rock and electronic bands.
3.The contest is destined to both Polish and Foreign bands.
4.Performer/band presents its own compositions.
5.The participation condition is to send completed registration certificate [able to download from www.asymmetryfestival.pl] until 4th of February at:
6. The participation condition is to have a MySpace profile [at www.myspace.com] with the presentation of compositions on it.
7.The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from the Competition,without giving any reasons, bands which music style is different than the festival's or whose compositions' quality is too low...etc
8.Bands, qualified to the contest, are obliged to put on their MySpace profile an electronic banner [140x140px] with the information about their participation in the contest.
9.Within 3 workdays after acceptance of registration certificate the Organizer put the information about performer's/band's participation in the contest at http://www.myspace.com/ with the link to band's/performer's MySpace profile.
10.Deadline for submission of applications is 4th of February 2009 at 11h59 PM

II. Voting

11.On 5th of February at 12h00 the voting system will be launched via webpage www.myspace.com
12.Everyone has a right to vote; maximum one vote for one performer/band. The system will block the possibility of voting for more than one performer/band.
13.The votes will be counted according to the rules at http://www.myspace.com/
14.The voting system will be working until 9 of March 2009 12h00
15.Until 4h00PM 10th of March there will be notification about results at http://www.asymmetryfestival.pl/, http://www.firlej.wroc.pl/ and http://www.myspace.com/asymmetrypl

III. II stage of the Contest

16. 5 final bands/performers[with the highest number of points] will reach second stage. If there are two bands with the same number of points,placed "ex aequo" on 5th place, they reach second stage as well.
17.On 21 of March 2009 final bands will perform on the stage of ODA "Firlej" during the contest's concert.
18.Until 12 of March 2009 the final bands are obliged to send:
1)technical rider
2)band's biography, what kind of music is presented, current achievements, if there are any.
3)band's photo,logo or graphics
4)tracklist for the contest's concert [band's name,track title, composer's name and surname, name and surname of the lyrics author]
19.During the contest's concert there will be performing a guest band,invited by the Organizer.
20.The Organizer is not responsible for sleeping places and reimbursement of travel expenses of the contest's bands.
21.Each band has 30 minutes to play a concert.
22.Each band has a right to have a 60 minutes long sound-check. Dates and hours will be individually set.
23.The order of appearance will be set by random at the concert's day.
24.The Organizer is responsible for:
1)backline [2 guitar amplifiers, bass amplifier, drum set without kick/ bass drum, snare drum, cymbals]
2)amplification equipment
3)ten tickets for the contest's concert, for bands' guests.
25.Jury composed of :
Bartek Chaciński [journalist, "Przekrój", "Polskie Radio"], Jarosław Szubrycht [journalist, "Przekrój", MySpace], Igor Pudło [musician, Skalpel], Mateusz ¦mierzchalski [musician, Blindead] Robert Chmielewski [director of ODA "Firlej"] will chose the winner.
26.Jury has a right to make a concert's time shorter without giving any reasons.
27.The Jury's verdict is irrevocable.

IV. The Prizes

28The prize for the winner will consist of
1)performing at the Asymmetry Festival as support to one of the festival's stars
2)financing a recording session

V. Final Rules

29.The Organizer reserves the right to change the rules for reasons independent of the Organizer.
30.Any disputes concerning the festival organizer explains and interprets.

If there are any questions write to:
Aleksandra Szajkowska

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