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Leaves' Eyes: DVD World Premiere & Autograph Tour

In order to celebrate the release of their first DVD, Leaves' Eyes will bring "We came with the Northern Winds/En Saga I Belgia" to the big screen. Selected UCI movie theaters in Germany will present the audience with a one-of-a-kind movie experience. Fans of this Gothic Metal giant should not miss this one-of-a-kind event. Expect a truly magical evening:

25.02.09 Berlin (Colosseum), Dresden, Hamburg (Mundsburg), Düsseldorf

In addition, the band will embark on a autograph tour through some of Germany's CD superstores. As a special bonus, Leaves' Eyes will perform very special acoustic gigs during these signing sessions. For further information about these events, check out the band's official website.


Grave Digger: Chartbreakers

The tireless grave diggers have sky-rocketed into the German LP charts with "Ballads of a Hangman" and made it to number 31! Even the Austrian and Swiss LP charts are not safe from the metal legend and welcomes the band at number 78 and 81 respectively. The band and Napalm Records thanks all headbangers for their tremendous support!

Attention fans in Switzerland: On January 27th, the band will be at Media Markt Pratteln to sign autographs and chat with their supporters. This signing session will be held from 18:00 until 19:00 CET. The perfect opportunity to meet Grave Digger!


Napalm Records: Releases in March

March will be a busy month, as Napalm Records will release four hot new albums. First in the list of four are HateSphere, who deliver a stunning piece of Modern Thrash Metal. "To the Nines" is an album that features highspeed riffs, excellent leads, furious solos and raging drums, and will cause more than one case of serious whiplash amongst its fans. Layered with tempo variations, harmonies and sophisticated details the Danes reveal a riff monster, that will be unleashed at the end of March. Dates for the upcoming tour can be found by visiting the band's homepage.


This spring will be ice-cold, because Hellsaw will open the gate to a world of darkness and wintry chill. Their latest album crowns the album trilogy. Frontman Aries reigns with his pitch black vocals over a foundation of infernal drums, frigid guitar riffs, and ice-cold melodies. Rarely before has True Black Metal achieved such a hate-filled atmosphere like that found on "Cold". The limited first pressing of this release will include a DVD that will transport the viewer to the front row of the live inferno that is a Hellsaw show. To accompany the revelation of the new cover artwork, Hellsaw's up-to-date homepage will go online today. Purists know what has to be done!


With their impressive debut album,"Weapons of Mass Destruction", The Bulletmonks prove that rock music is here to stay. The German formation celebrates down-to-earth music laden with loud guitars. Their energy-loaded brand of mosh'n'roll moves forth, taking no prisoners along the way, but rather leaving behind a wide array of catchy choruses in its wake. To ease the anticipatory wait, fans can log on to the band's new MySpace site and be a part of the album countdown!



Already known to insiders and friends of Nordic music, Fejd steps into the spotlight to present their Napalm Records debut "Storm". The Swedish quintet revolving around the brothers Rimmerfors, once again dedicates their new offering to the myths and legends of their home country and clad their tunes into a fitting Folk robe. The use of authentic instruments enforces this effect. The lyrics and melodies unite with the magical legends of Sweden and turn Fejd into a Nordic Folk jewel able to transport the listener to a fabled mythic world.


Tyr: Band of the Year

To complete a very successful year, the Vikings have been voted "Band of the Year" by the Faeroese National TV & Radio (www.kringvarp.fo). A jury picked the nominees, but the online voting was left up to the public.


Ahab: News from the Studio

Ahab will start recording the successor to their debut albm "The Call of the wretched Sea" in February. Immediately following the recording sessions, the German Nautic Funeral Doomsters will sign on at Markus Stock's Studio E (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak) to mix and master their second album. Furthermore, the band has plans to tour throughout Germany right after the release of the album (tentatively scheduled for September 2009). All impatient sailors might want to visit Ahab's homepage to find the latest news and exclusive band merchandise.

Christian Hector talked to us about the concept behind the upcoming album: "We will remain faithful to our name. For this record, we took a closer look at Owen Chase and the Essex. Herman Melville was inspired to write Moby Dick by Owen's accounts. Owen Chase's log documents the tragic sinking of the Essex by a giant sperm whale. However, the tale continues to gruesomely chronicle the sailors' fight for survival in their longboats that eventually lead to cannibalism. It is a very tragic and shocking story."


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