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PRIMAL FEAR - The new album is recorded and mixed!

Produced again by PFs own Mat Sinner and engineered & co-produced by none other than Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69), the new Primal Fear album marks the first full comeback by guitarist Henny Wolter and the debut by one of the worldwide most respected guitarists Magnus Karlsson, since he joined the band one year ago! Wolter & Karlsson both participated in the songwriting and pre-production, which took place at Karlsson's Stuntguitar Studio in Sweden. The band recorded 4 weeks at the famous House Of Music studio incl. Randy Black (drums) and vocalist extraordinaire Ralf Scheepers. After the Xmas break the band recorded some small overdubs and started the mix with long time collaborator Achim Koehler. Finally Ted Jensen mastered the album at the Sterling Sound in New York.

The new Primal Fear album titled with the codename of "16.6" (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead) will be released in May 2009 by Frontiers Records. The new songs will include a lot of the Wolter/Sinner/Scheepers vibe from the "Nuclear Fire" album, then follow the path of "New Religion" and some real surprises!

Mat Sinner comments: "I'm really proud of our work. The guys of the band and the entire team did a killer job! I love the crystal clear sound of the album and total dedication of the players. The fans of our first albums will really love the new tracks, plus there are a lot of sophisticated more stuff on 16.6 following the path of Seven Seals or New Religion"

Guitarist Henny Wolter added some notes to some songtitles:

*Riding The Eagle* - is bringing back that Nuclear Fire vibe with a full speed double bass groove and those typical heavy guitar-Riffs and high speed twin leads that Primal Fear stands for. Above all it´s that mix between full throttle metal and melody with Ralf Scheepers powerful vocals on which Primal Fear built their reputation.

*Six Times Dead (16.6)* - the titletrack and a superheavy guitar riff, stomping groove with a new approach and a message to the fans; 100% Primal Fear!

*Black Rain* - a nearly 7min. epic with big instrumentation, and a heavy arabian atmosphere. Lots of variations and sophisticated playing & singing. This song strongly carries the handwriting of the new bandmember Magnus Karlsson, who is known for these skilful and tasty arrangements.

*Under The Radar* - another traditional Primal Fear speed rocker, a hymn with the classic Scheepers vibe.

*Torn* - seven minutes of pure music and the most ambitioned song & riff we've ever recorded, killer stuff, very groovy and a great melodic vocal line.

*Soar* - pure energy combined with a driving groove, a majestic halftime chorus and a great experimental breakdown part - one of my favourite tracks on the new album

*Hands Of Time* - this will be a real surprise for everybody. There is always at least one track on a new PF album, that is different - this time it's Hands Of Time with four guys sharing the lead vocals - a very cool song!


JORN is working hard on the recording of the new studio album which he plans to entitled "Spirit Black". Titles of some of the new songs include "Road Of the Cross", "Black Heart" and "Rock'n Roll Angel". Jorn states "People can expect a solid and defined album that will shake the classic metal world and hammer the future Jorn legacy in stone"! Frontiers plans to release the new album in June 2009.


Joe Lynn Turner has completed and sent to Dennis Ward all the vocal tracks for the forthcoming SUNSTORM second album to be entitled "House of Dreams". The mix is already in the works and the album production is going to be completed in February. "I love this project", stated Joe "the list of the songwriters is impressive and these songs have come to life greatly". Frontiers plans to release the album in April 2009.


James Christian has started the songwriting sessions for the forthcoming HOUSE OF LORDS studio album. This time he plans to go to Los Angeles and write some killer cuts with Mark Baker, well known as the main songwriter of the SIGNAL "Loud and Clear" masterpiece and House of Lords' "Demons Down". The band plans to deliver the new album in late spring for a release in the fall 2009.


Tony Harnell (STARBREAKER, ex TNT) has been busy lately working on a new acoustic solo album. The working title of the record is "En Memoria Carinosa" which in Tony's own words stands for "in loving memory of the songs from my past". The record will include some reworked new recordings of Tony's past hits with TNT and Westworld, some classic songs and new stuff as well. Frontiers hopes to unleash this album in the summer 09.

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