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Due to singer Johnny Holze left President Evil, the band is currently looking for a new singer.

"You don`t need to be a professional singer. We are looking for a cool guy who has the time and motivation to work with us in the studio and play some weekend shows and small tours"

If you are interested, just send your information and some audio material to james(at)presidentevil.de


Just visit U.D.O.´s MySpace http://www.myspace.com/udoonline to listen to the title track of the new U.D.O. single in full lenght.

The new EP "Infected" will be released on June, 26, 2009. The new U.D.O. full length studio album "Dominator", will be released on August, 21, 2009!!!


Multi national Melodic Metallers Eden's Curse have appointed Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever / Moonstone Project) as their new permanent keyboard player. Allessandro replaces former keyboarder Ferdy Doernberg. The experienced Italian musician has toured and recorded with Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes, Andre Matos and a host of other large names in the Rock and Metal world.

Frontman Michael Eden states "When one door closes another opens. With that said The Curse opens the door for our newest member Alessandro Del Vecchio. Ale is the kind of guy that will be a team player and do things with a positive force so we can charge ahead and get more shows lined up and the next studio album underway! The Curse never sold the hot-rod! We just changed the grease under the hood and added a bit of chrome!! See ya on the road and beyond!!".

Bassist and songwriter Paul Logue adds "Ale's not only blew us away with his enthusiasm and keyboard skills, but he's also a fabulous singer and songwriter. Anyone that can bring that much talent, not to mention hair, to the table is welcome in the team. Mark II is alive baby!".

You can read more about Alessandro at his official Myspace



Some S.45 news for you out there:

I'm happy to announce that no other than Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquility will help us out conducting lyrics for our coming debut album. He recently wrote some additional guest-lyrics for another band of mine, called The Few Against Many (in which Jani can also be found) and since he did such a great job on that one (and also being a great lyricist in general), we thought we'd ask him if he'd be up to making a lyrical contribution to the S.45 album as well. After some discussion between us he agreed to the proposal of not only writing some parts, but to write all lyrics for the album. We couldn't be happier man! I've personally been a huge fan of his earlier work and writing skills for quite some time now, so it's a great honour and privilege to have him aboard. However, I will still compose the vocal arrangements and melodies for the album, so do not fear in that regard.

Why don't I write the lyrics myself, you may wonder! Well...for starters, I do intend to write some for the album, but mainly just bits and pieces, here and there. The thing is, over the years I've kind of lost the spark, or the driving force (or whatever you'd like to call it), needed in order to write lyrics good enough to satisfy my inner critic. However, on an impulse, I can still write some decent stuff every now and then, but unfortunately these occasions have grown further and further apart over the last couple of years. Therefore I rather delegate this duty to more suitable people nowadays, who I know can deliver the goods so to speak. As for the lyrics on the "promo 2008", they are all draft ones, so you should definately take them with a pinch of salt!

More news as it happens!

Christian, on the behalf of S.45

Vissza - Înapoi

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