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Dreamland interview

Király Zoltán: As you are a young band, I would like to also ask some questions that sum up your career until now. I noticed that there was a band before Dreamland existed. Could you clarify what is the case with Infinity?
Jake: Well, Infinity was a band me and a friend starded back in school and we played mostly for fun and to be honest I had never been singin' in a microphone in my hole life before we starded this band but it was so fuckin' fun so I decided that I should learn and here I am today! In I think it was 2001 we got the oppertunity to record a cd single on a small Swedish record label and in the same year we got booked at the Sweden rock festival. A year later we split up and decided to take different paths in life and I moved to Gothenburg, in 2003 me and Mats decided to start from scratch again and that we should focus on what we really liked ourselfs. And that 's when we decided to form Dreamland.

K.Z.: Are their demos much different than Dreamland? Why did that band break up? Did you use any Infinity material?
Jake: Yes, Infinity was more orientated in fast power metal with duble bass drums and really high pitch vocals. The reasons why we decided to end the band has was couse by lot of different reasons but motley because me and one of the members didn't had the same opinions about what the reason with the band was!
We tried to use one song on the debut but we never got the approval we needed from the one of the old members that owned the rights to the music so no we didn't. But the song we wanted to use is called Falling Higher and we actually play this song live here and that even today.

K.Z.: By the way do you know there is a Colombian band also called Dreamland? What do you know about them?
Jake: Haven't heard of it but I will check it out for sure!

K.Z.: Perhaps you are sick of hearing that people think that Göteborg is the hotbed of the Swedish melodic death metal scene. Do you think some bands can change that for home of Swedish power metal pointing to bands as HammerFall, Evergrey, Nostradameus or even you?
Jake: I don't really agree to that, I believe there's almost the same numbers of famous heavy/power metal bands from Gothenburg as there are black/death metal band's belonging here! We got Hammerfall, Dragonland, Heed, Evergrey, Nostradameus, Losthorizon, Dreamland, Moonlight Agony, and manny more.

K.Z.: Moreover as you are the most clearly power metallish of these, can you imagine you can lead even a movement like this?
Jake: Yes I can imagine that! And I believe that as we gain more fans for every record and every show we do I fell that there's a big hunger for band's like ourselfs! But I never say that we play "power metal" I more like to think that Dreamland creates Heavy metal with atucj from the eighties!

K.Z.: All in all what future do you see for the band as Dreamland gets bigger and bigger?
Jake: As I just said, that's our goal and In 5 years my dream is that Dreamland will be where band's like Edguy and Hammerfall are today!

K.Z.: Your songs concentrate on sing-along choruses and good songwriting, and I’m happy you use double-bass drumming when it is needed. What bands do you worship the most?
Jake: Well I have always listened to music that's makes you happy and to songs that you easily can sing along in the refrains after hearing the song one time, and that's the music we will continue to create! My heroes have always been Helloween since I was a child and nowdays I listen alot to Kamelot, Dragonland and Europe. But it's changing from day to day!

K.Z.: Who are your biggest musical influences?
Jake: Joacim Cans (He's been the man behind my success and I owe hime alot) Joey Tempest, and Jeff Scott Soto. When it comes to band's I must say Kamelot, Hammerfall, and Helloween among others.

K.Z.: Name your favourite album(s), and their influence on you as a musician!
Jake: Helloween - Keeper II - the reason why I starded to listen to heavy metal in the first place!
Judas Priest - Painkiller - I bought it on sale for like 4 € and I totally braked it by listening to it to many times! (dame that man can sing)
Joey Tempest - A place to call home. (Love it love it love it) not a bad song on the hole album!
Helloween - Chamelion Lots of people might think I'm crazy but I admire those guys when they created an album that they wanted to do and didn't give a fuck about what others thought about it! Big cred ! And even if not all songs are perfect and the opening song is about Ronald Grapow losing his virginity I really like it alot!

K.Z.: Which is the first metal band you were addicted to?
Jake: Helloween

K.Z.: Who are you’d like to share the stage with now?
Jake: If you mean my metal dream team it would be
Jake E Vocals
Snowy Shaw Drums
Andy La Rocque Guitar
Jason Newstead Bass
Olof Mörck Guitar

K.Z.: What was your first concert as an attendant? And what age? And the last one?
Jake: First consert I saw was I belive Kiss some where around 96 or something. I'm not a big fan but Damn what a show!

K.Z.: Did your point of view change a lot since then?
Jake: I was kind of young back then so I must say No. My hunger to be a rockstar starded a couple of years later.

K.Z.: What do you feel when you play on stage? Are you excited before?
Jake: I can recommend it to every man and women on this planet! While your up there in front of a big crowd NOTHING can compeat with that! It's the best feeling you can have from my opinion! I'm usually calm before a show but as the intro starts and the adrenaline starts to pump in the vains I'm getting really excited

K.Z.: You work with some of metal’s biggest musicians. Where do you know Andy LaRocque from? What a guitar player he is! I saw him on the last tour of King Diamond! Tell him he’s a great producer also, hearing your albums! He’s done a great job!
Jake: Hell he has! He's an awesome man! We've known each other since a long way back and It was natural for us to ask him hif he wanted to produce our albums as we know that he loves the kind of music we're creating!

K.Z.: What duties did Joacim Cans have as the other producer? I didn’t know his abilities regarding this aspect. It’s a fine coincidence that Joacim (JAKE E) has the same name and a voice similar to that of Cans’? And he was even guest on your first record! Tell me about his performance and implication with the band!
Jake: Joacim have been the producer of the vocals together with Olof Mörck from Dragonland and both of them are great to work with. Joacim been coaching me allot and helped me around many sticky situation, and Olof have been in charge for almost all the choirs etc etc.

K.Z.: What would the band want to suggest or say to their listeners through your lyrics?
Jake: I want the listeners to make their own opinion about what the song is about, I always write the lyrics in such a way that you as a reader or a listener can interpret it in 2 or several ways. one if you just read the words and one if you read between the lines.

K.Z.: How does the album sell?
Jake: To be a newcomer in the business I must say it's really good. I don't have the numbers but it has been above all expectations so far!

K.Z.: Are the people satisfied with it?
Jake: All I've heard from people is that they love it and of course we got some bad reviews as well but that's nothing is you compair it to all the positiv critisisem we've received for the 2 albums so far!

K.Z.: Who did the cover art for it? It’s a pleasant first impression for the buyer.
Jake: Marco Jakobi. A German Artist how also dif the cover for "Future's Calling" I love the both covers's and that's the cover I would have checked out in a store if I were searching for a new cd.

K.Z.: Who does the harsh voice in Revolution in Paradise? It’s a nice contrast to the melodic one of Jake E.
Jake: His name is Andy Solvestöm and is the vocalist in a Swedish band named Within W.

K.Z.: Where do you come the closest to Romania this year? It would be nice seeing you opening for a more known act. Are there any chances of this?
Jake: Well unfortunately not but we will hopefully do a tour with a more known band that we will in a near future!

K.Z.: By the way, was there any tour supporting Future’s Calling? How did it turn out?
Jake: We did 2 tours one with Nocturnal Rites and one by our own but we only did shows in Sweden but at some festivals we had like 8-10.000 people in the audience and that was a big experience.

K.Z.: Any future plans of future recording? When?
Jake: We only know that we will enter the studio sometime in the fall of 2007 and that the next album will be out somewhere around spring next year. But we already have a couple of new songs in process and I can't wait to record them!

K.Z.: Thank you for your time and keep on rocking! Metal lives!
Jake: Thanks for a great interview and sorry for the delay. Take care and hope to meet you on tour //JAKE E DREAMLAND

K.Z.: I wish you good luck and let us meet on the road! The future is calling you, children of the night!

Király Zoltán


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